Laboratory for Metaloorganic Chemistry Group Gallery

Xmas 2011
Merry Christmas from the Hulce group!

AU and FKJK & GS

Adrew Urick and Fran Klein (left) and John Kum and Greg Stimec (right)  at the 2012 Saint Albert's Day Poster session.
Below:  Ye Chan Kang presents his microphotochemical research.

Anthony & ChadAnthony Kouri  andKelsey
Chad Daniel at the 2010
Saint Albert's Day
Poster session.

Kelsey Tengan mans his 2010 St. Albert's Day poster.

Jordan MoatsDerrick DoolittleJordan Moats (left) and Derrick Doolittle (M.D., UNMC, right)
with thier 2007 Saint Albert's Day posters

Mike Mao
Machael Mao inaugurates the new
sophomore organic labs with
 the first reaction

Michael and Dave
Michael Mao (M.D., Creighton) and
 Dave Moody (M.S., University of Wisconsin)
wear our group logo sweaters.

Kevin at NAS
Kevin Spicka (at left with Dr. Michels) graduated from  Montana State University with his Ph.D. in organic  chemistry.  At right, Kevin presents some of his work on the syntheses of medium-sized rings at the 2002 meeting of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences.

Jim Ramig
 Jim Ramig, who received his M.D. from
Creighton's medical schhol,
 presents a poster of his synthetic work


Dr. Hulce repairs an old mass spec source


Eileen Ennis recieved her M.S. in chemistry
from Yale University and a J.D. from Florida.


Brad Erickson, summer 1998 research fellow, is from Iowa. He's a University of Iowa Medical School M.D.and is holding Dr. Mark Kearly's 1998 addition to the family, Paige.

Meghan and Brad

Dr. Hulce with Meghan Cheyne Schirger and
Brad.  Meghan gradauted with a D.V.M. degree
from the University of Minnesota in 2005.


 Justin Malone, summer 1997 research fellow,
is from Blair, Nebraska. He's a graduate of
Creighton University's Medical School.


Cristie Vu, summer 1997 research student and a Clare Boothe Luce scholar, is from Sacramento, California. She's a Pennsylvania State University Ph.D. chemist now at the NIH.


Derek T. Woodrum, summer 1995 undergraduate research fellow, went on to earn an M.D. from Dartmouth College and a surgeon.


 Joe Meinholz, summer 1995 undergraduate research
fellow,  married Mary Elizabeth Stewart in 1996.
Both are Pharm. D. graduates from Creighton
practicing in Arizona. 


Greg Snyder, 1994 summer undergraduate
research fellow. Following an NIH predoctoral
fellowship in Bethesda, MD, Greg moved to
Evanston, IL, where he is a graduate student
at Northwestern University.


Greg Waters, 1994 summer undergraduate research fellow. Greg's now a dentist practicing in Denver, CO.

John and Kathy
Dr. Hulce with John and Cathy Chaput, May, 1994.

From the archives of group activities:   

Derek Woodrum and Mike Meeuwsen were the 7-6, 6-3 men's doubles winners in the the 1995 Creighton intermural open tennis tournament !