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The IDeA Networks for Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) Scholars Program

The INBRE program aims to create a biomedical research infrastructure in Nebraska that provides research opportunities for undergraduate students and serves as a pipeline for those students to continue into graduate research. The program is a collaboration between Nebraska’s three Ph.D. granting institutions and nine undergraduate institutions located throughout the state.  This collaboration is intended to develop a culture that recognizes and appreciates the value of biomedical research and provide opportunities to pursue such research at the cutting edge of current technologies.  The three scientific themes of the INBRE program are Cell Signaling, Infectious Diseases and Cancer Biology.

Undergraduate sophomore students at Creighton University are invited to participate in the INBRE Scholars program.  The scholars program provides summer fellowships for advanced research training at one of Nebraska’s Ph.D. granting institutions during the first summer, as well as research assistantships for working with INBRE Associates at Creighton University during the academic year and the second summer in the program.  This is a two-year program of support, with the intention of providing research opportunities for undergraduate students and serve as a “pipeline” for students to continue in health research careers.  If a scholar is admitted to a Ph.D. program in Nebraska, the INBRE program will provide support for the first year of graduate studies.

Current INBRE research faculty:  Note this list will likely change for the 2020 INBRE scholars.

INBRE Associate
Research Area
Dr. Lynne Dieckman
Structure and Function of Proteins in DNA Packaging
Dr. Carol Fassbinder-Orth
Virology and Immunology
Dr. James Fletcher
Organic Synthesis and Antimicrobial Testing
Dr. Erin Gross
Bioanalytical, Mircofluidics
Dr. Michael Nichols
Cellular Biomechanics and Metabolic Imaging
Dr. Patricia Soto
Conformational Dynamics of Pathological Proteins
Dr. Juliane Soukup
Structural Characterization of Riboswitches

INBRE Scholarships consist of:

         $4,000 Summer 2020 research fellowship + $1,000 housing allowance (full time, 10 weeks)

         $3,000 Junior year research fellowship (10 hours/week)

         $4,500 Summer 2021 research fellowship + $1,000 housing allowance (full time, 10 weeks)

         $3,000 Senior year research fellowship (10 hours/week)


For an application, download a copy at:

Application deadline:  December 2, 2019