Chemistry Teaching Assistantships

What do Teaching Assistants do?

Teaching Assistantships are available each semester with the General
Chemistry and Organic Chemistry laboratory programs. Teaching Assistants
assist the instructor with the tasks involved in teaching a college
laboratory course, including answering student questions, grading,
enforcing lab safety regulations, and proctoring lab quizzes and exams.

Who is eligible to apply for a TA p osition? How are TAs selected?

Students who have completed CHM 203/4 and CHM 205/6 (or CHM 285/6) with a
"B" or better are encouraged to apply for Teaching Assistantships.
Factors considered in the selec tion process include major, grades in
chemistry courses, and the evaluation of the applicant by a chemistry
faculty member. Preference is given to chemistry majors in the TA
selection process.

Students who have completed CHM 203/4 and CHM 205/6 (or CHM 285/6) are
eligible to apply for General Chemistry or Nursing Chemistry positions.
Students who have completed CHM 203/4, CHM 205/6 (or CHM 285/6), CHM
321/322, and CH M 323/324 are eligible to apply for Organic Chemistry,
General and/or Nursing Chemistry positions.

How do I apply for a TA position?

Apply on-line for TA positions in the Chemistry Department. Applicants
will select a member of the Chemistry faculty to evaluate their
qualification for a TA position. Students must submit complete
applications by the due date shown on the application in order to be
considered for TA positions. Anyone who wishes to be considered for a TA
position, including current TAs, must submit a new appli cation EACH

How are applicants notified about TA positions?

Announcements of the TA schedule will be made by e-mail. All Teaching
Assistants are required to sign a contract and adhere to its provisions.

How can I get more Information about TA positions?

For more information, including pay rate information, please contact Dr.
Gunn if you are interested in a General or Nursing Chemistry Laboratory
position or Mr. Ali if you are interested in an Organic Chemistry
Laboratory position.&n bsp;